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By Brian Brennan

1. Hot Seat
Developed by Design Engineering (DEI) to add a protective layer to dyno straps that run close to exhaust exits or other hot areas of an operating vehicle, the protective sheaths (PN 10466) are made of a high-temperature-resistant aluminized material to withstand 500 degrees F direct heat and 2,000 degrees F of radiant heat.

Dyno Strap Heat Guard protects against such scenarios by easily slipping on over standard tie-downs, allowing them to be positioned near exhaust pipe exits. The sheaths measure 5×36 inches and include an attractive silver finish.

For more info, check out DEI by calling (800) 264-9472 or visit

2. Grasping the Difference
Wilwood now offers upgraded direct replacement calipers (PN 120-16510) for the ’65-67 Ford Mustang, Fairlane, and ’66-67 Ranchero originally equipped with Kelsey-Hayes brakes. They are also available as complete kits (PN 140-16801) with Wilwood premium rotors, pads, and flex lines. These new four-piston Wilwood calipers weigh half of what the original iron units did, with a forged aluminum body utilizing stainless steel pistons. Engineered with internal crossovers instead of the external lines on the originals, which break, leak, or rust with time. Available in Type III Hard Ano with a stock-look finish, or gloss black or red powdercoat. Caliper kit (PN 140-16799) works with Wilwood or original-style master cylinders and maintain the factory front/rear brake bias.

For more info, check out Wilwood Engineering by emailing or visit

3. Fresh Underpinnings
Wentz Motor Company has introduced their latest independent front suspension system for the ’28-48 Ford and Chevy cars and trucks as well as many others. Each unit is CAD designed and manufactured to fit your specific vehicle. Complete one-piece crossmember, tubular upper and lower control arms, spindles, 11-inch rotors, calipers, brackets, rack-and-pinion steering, and adjustable coilovers. All hardware is Grade 8.

For more info, check out Wentz Motor Company by calling (434) 770-1933 or visit

4. MIG Welding at its Best
Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. has released the new Millermatic 355 MIG welder that can operate on single-phase or three-phase AC power. The machine provides MIG and pulsed MIG capabilities for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel in thicknesses from 22-gauge to 1/2 inch.

With high-amperage output and a long duty cycle, operators can make longer welds without stopping. The pulsed MIG capabilities allow operators to reduce heat input for better results on stainless steel, less risk of distortion or burn-through on thin metals, and reduced spatter on all materials, resulting in less time spent on post-weld cleanup. An industrial, four-drive-roll, wire-feed system ensures consistent delivery of all wire types and diameters at all speeds. Plus, the Millermatic 355 is compatible with push-pull guns for smooth feeding of aluminum wire.

Switching between single-phase and three-phase input power is easy. The Millermatic 355 has integrated running gear and an enclosed wire feeder—an all-in-one design that makes it fast and easy to move the machine around the shop or workplace. The machine can also be quickly removed from the EZ-Latch running gear to get it closer to the work or to integrate it into the weld cell for optimum access and efficiency.

For more info, check out Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. by visiting

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VOLUME 3 • ISSUE 24 • 2022