Rodding Around
By Brian Brennan
red gear icon Mick’s Paint Grows
Established in 1995, Mick’s Paint, in Pomona, California, is excited to announce a major restructuring of the business to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment.

Located in Southern California (if you remember the location of SO-CAL Speed Shop you know where Mick’s Paint is located) and one of the leading, award-winning fabrication and body and paint shops, owner Mick Jenkins has expanded his business. The team has grown, square footage has increased, and the latest in refinishing technology is added.

Mick’s Paint, the foundation of the business, will continue to fabricate, build, and paint customs, hot rods, muscle cars, and race cars to the highest level. Mick’s has won three prestigious America’s Most Beautiful Roadster awards and will continue that work. “We have numerous projects in the works,” Jenkins says. “Everything from Geoff Stilwell’s record-setting land speed race car that was built entirely at Mick’s to projects for individuals, as well as shop’s such as Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods and Steve Strope’s Pure Vision Design.”

As for the team, Marco Piehl will head up MP Restoration, a new division that will concentrate on the restoration of classic automobiles. Piehl brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the restoration of classic cars, having been instrumental in the build of award-winning cars for Pebble Beach and other prestigious concours.

Next up is Poncho Contreras who is now the workshop manager. Trained in the exacting concept car industry, Contreras has been with Mick’s since 2010 and is part of the growing team of excellent craftsmen.

Lastly, Tim Rush also joins the team as manager of the paint department. Rush has almost 30 years of experience in the high-performance and luxury vehicle paint industry, having worked for 10 years for the Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Processing Center. Rush also spent six years with Saleen painting the S7.

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red gear icon Changes at Art Morrison Enterprises
Headshot of Matt Jones
With the untimely passing of Art Morrison Enterprises’ vice president Craig Morrison, longtime AME employee Matt Jones will be taking over a number of responsibilities he had shared with Craig since 2019 as operations manager.

Jones joined AME in 2005 with a freshly minted bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Central Washington University. He worked hand-in-hand with company founder Art Morrison and as the company grew Jones ascended to the role of lead engineer, ultimately supervising a trio of other chassis and suspension experts.

Jones was the prime motivator in the development of the highly successful AME Multi-Link IRS.

An automotive enthusiast all his life, Jones’ silver ’69 Camaro became the development “mule” for many of AME’s suspension components. Jones participated in several “suspension shootouts” held by leading enthusiast publications and scored high marks. Prior to the Camaro, Jones road raced a Mazda Miata.

Jones says, “Losing Craig was a tremendous shock–he was like a brother to me. I hope to carry on with his vision and represent Art Morrison Enterprises to the best of my abilities.”

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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 13 • 2021