Rodding Around
By Brian Brennan
red gear icon Barrett-Jackson Helps Raise $1 Million for Honor Flight Network
It’s about time but we as a nation, and individuals, are finally realizing it’s time to help those who help so many of us. Barrett-Jackson is no stranger to car auctions and lending a helping hand to many charities and worthwhile causes. Charitable auctions are a mainstay at Barrett-Jackson events as the auction company has helped raise over $135 million for non-profit organizations to date. Recently the inaugural Barrett-Jackson Houston event was held and while all of the “good things” that happen at any car auction took place there was one in particular that really stands out. A ’56 Chevy 150 that spent its life as a U.S. Army sedan came up for auction. The goal was to use it to help raise $1 million for Honor Flight Network.

Barrett-Jackson’s generous bidders opened up their hearts in support of our nation’s veterans and their families. This Chevy 150 was initially sold for $425,000 on Saturday afternoon. It was immediately donated back, igniting a second round of bidding that raised an additional $400,000. Another generous bidder pledged $175,000 at the event, bringing the total raised to $1 million benefiting Honor Flight Network.

Now, that’s stepping up helping those who really can use a bit of help. According to the Honor Flight organization their mission is to transport American veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honoring those who have served and sacrificed for our country.

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 ’56 Chevy 150 labeled US Army
red gear icon Oops! Vintage Air Correction
In the Sept. ’21 issue of Modern Rodding, it was stated that “… Jack Chisenhall proved a point back in 1995 by taking his ’53 Studebaker (initially begun at the hands of the late Jim Ewing …).” The fact is Chisenhall built his own Studebaker and did not use the one that Ewing had built.

Chisenhall drove his Cool 200 Studebaker to a terminal speed out of the fourth mile at 241 mph with an average speed of 219.585 mph and did so with the A/C on, proving a point. Well, actually several points. The Vintage Air–manufactured A/C system performed flawlessly, as did the 705ci-powered Studebaker, and so did Chisenhall behind the wheel.

Fortunately for all, the Studebaker, the A/C, and Chisenhall all performed better than we did!

Jack Chisenhall's black Studebaker parked
red gear icon Welcome Back!
Grand National Roadster Show poster
After a year hiatus in 2021, the Grand National Roadster Show will now enter its 72nd year by celebrating the 90th anniversary of the ’32 Ford. There will be a reserved parking area for those ’32s registered for the Grand Daddy Drive-In outside. Remember, this isn’t inside a building as in the 75th anniversary of the ’32 but rather a special reserved section for all Deuces. A special thank you to C.W. Moss and SO-CAL Speed Shop for sponsoring this historic event.

The America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award (the perpetual 10-foot trophy) has long been the major prize but now there is the Al Slonaker Memorial Award (open to all non-roadsters that are four-wheel hot rods). Both awards have a cash prize of $12,500 (each), making it one of the richest purses in the car show world.

To register got to

Modern Rodding

VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 14 • 2021