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By Brian Brennan

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1. Wider is Better
Auto Metal Direct (AMD) recently released their new 3-inch-wider inner wheelhouses (PN 760-1570-1L driver side, PN 760-1570-1R passenger side) for ’70-74 Dodge Challengers and Plymouth Barracudas.

The 3-inch-wider inner wheelhouse is constructed from high-quality stamped steel and is an exact reproduction of the original equipment with additional room. It is designed to fit seamlessly with the factory outer wheelhouses, ensuring a perfect fit and a straightforward installation. The product is also finished in a durable black E-coat for maximum protection against rust and corrosion prior to installation.

For more info, call Auto Metal Direct at (877) 575-3586 or visit

2. Mopar Delight
Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) has introduced an impactful upgrade to the’66-70 B-body Mopar platform with the introduction of their new direct bolt-on K-member.

Engineered to accommodate late-model Hemi engines while maintaining the stock engine location, this easy-to-install unit is outfitted with a three-position adjustable hollow sway bar with adjustable endlinks to eliminate preload while accommodating high static negative camber angles for low treadwear tires. Other highpoints include contemporary stance, superior handling, and excellent ride comfort. Additional features include tall-forged aluminum steering knuckle with bolt-on unit bearing, allows for superior camber gain, and roll center migration.

AME’s K-member will be available for preorder in April with the first production units rolling out the door in early June.

For more info, call Art Morrison Enterprises at (800) 929-7188 or visit

3. Fuel Filter & Adjustable Pressure Regulator as One
Aeromotive, the leading aftermarket fuel systems and accessories manufacturer, has developed a new fuel filter and regulator combination unit to ease installation and reduce return-line length. The Aeromotive Regulator Fuel Filter Combo is the first ever to feature an adjustable regulator and is available for carbureted or EFI setups.

Two separate combo units are available for carbureted (PN 13226) and EFI (PN 13146) applications. Both feature adjustable regulators to handle varying fuel flow and pressure demands. The EFI version is suitable for Aeromotive A1000 or smaller fuel pumps and is adjustable from 40 to 75 psi. Designed for use with 250-gph or lower output fuel pumps, the carbureted version can accommodate pressures of 3 to 20 psi.

For more info, call Aeromotive at (913) 647-7300 or visit

4. Improved Braking for GM G-Body
Wilwood has added two all-new disc brake options for GM G-body vehicles equipped with 7-1/2- or 7-5/8-inch rear differentials. GM models include the Chevy Monte Carlo, Malibu, and El Camino. Newly available for this popular platform are Wilwood’s modern Pro Series Dynalite caliper kit with 12.19-inch rotors and DynaPro-LP caliper kit with 11.00-inch rotors, both to improve stopping power.

Both kits feature forged aluminum four-piston calipers and Ultralite HP performance iron alloy rotors with internal drum parking brakes. Gloss red or black powdercoat finish calipers are standard, with 22 optional colors available (additional charges may apply). Rotor options include Wilwood’s plain face or SRP drilled and slotted.

For more info, call Wilwood at (805) 388-1188 or visit

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VOLUME 4 • ISSUE 32 • 2023