Modern Rodding NEW PRODUCTS

By Brian Brennan

Four New Car Products
1. Upgrade Your Falcon or Comet
Total Control Products now offers a g-Bar Canted-4-Bar Suspension that is designed specifically for the ’60-65 Ford Falcon and Mercury Comet models, providing improved performance and handling when compared to the original leaf spring suspension.

With adjustable suspension geometry and the option to choose between coilover or air-spring shocks, this suspension upgrade offers enhanced control and stability on the road. The triangulated four-link design offers improved traction and handling. The suspension can also be used with either a leaf spring rearend housing or a fabricated Ford 9-inch housing.

For more info, check out Total Control Products (800) 722-2269 or visit

2. A New Stud on the Block
ARP’s unique accessory studs with a rounded “nut starter” nose are specially designed studs for securing bellhousings, carburetors, distributors, headers, timing covers, valve covers, and more. An important benefit of using studs is being able to accurately position gaskets and hold them in place during the assembly process.

They are available in polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chromoly and nominally rated at 180,000-psi tensile strength —fully 20 percent stronger than grade 8 hardware. Kits include a choice of hex or 12-point nuts and washers.

M8 and M10 metric studs are offered in a variety of lengths in a choice of 4-, 8-, 10-, or 16-pack configurations. Being stainless steel, they are virtually impervious to the elements.

For more info, check out ARP (800) 825-3045 or visit

3. Tri-Five 2-Inch Drop ProSpindle & Brake Kits
Wilwood introduces their latest ProSpindle engineered to give ’55-57 Chevrolet Bel Air and related cars a 2-inch-lower ride height and simplify performance brake installation. These precision-machined steel ProSpindles provide reinforced brake caliper mounts and an improved stance while being lighter and stronger than original factory parts. The ProSpindles mount to OE ball joints in stock or aftermarket control arms and reuse factory steering arms with no change to steering or suspension geometry.

Wilwood’s ProSpindles and the five new brake kits are engineered to work as a system. All the available kit options include performance-proven forged aluminum multi-piston calipers with high-temperature seals, stainless pistons, and fade-resistant pads. Premium-grade iron alloy rotors range from 11.50 to 14.00 inches in diameter and offer the option of a plain, slotted, or drilled-and-slotted faces.

For more info, check out Wilwood Engineering (805) 388-4938 or visit

4. Cool News for Early Mustangs
Vintage Air has released its all-new Gen 5 SureFit Kit and a bolt-in replacement billet aluminum control panel for ’64-1/2 to ’66 first-generation Ford Mustangs. The control panel will also fit Gen IV systems.

Vintage Air’s all-new Gen 5 climate-control system features industry-first OEM-quality injection-molded cases, employing an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control unit that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. The bolt-in replacement Billet Aluminum Control Panels are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are offered as an upgrade.

These SureFit Kits can utilize the standard OEM in-dash three-lever control panel (PN 551964) or be optioned with their new bolt-in Billet Aluminum Control Panel (PN 551965). Both kits include center louver options for vehicles with or without a factory center console and feature several other upgradeable options, including a factory air-style Under Dash Center Louver (PN 620007 or 620008) to match Ford’s original Mustang add-on A/C unit.

For more info, check out Vintage Air (800) 862-6658 or visit

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VOLUME 4 • ISSUE 33 • 2023