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1. Change of Pace
Hell’s Gate Hot Rods makes it easy to change your wheel lug pattern with their Drill Guides. The drill guides or “jig” is a nifty tool that you can use to re-drill axles and drums to be able to use a different lug pattern without having to remove the axles from the vehicle or take the wheels down to a machine shop to get re-drilled to the desired pattern. The drill guides are made of steel for strength, durability, and can be used many times over. The drill guides come in 13 different lug patterns, giving you a wide variety of options so you can fit the wheel of your choice.
For more info, check out Hell’s Gate Hot Rods by calling (208) 305-6469 or visit
2. Fabricating Made Easier
Fabricating brackets or doing other welding tasks will be a lot easier when you add a Summit Racing Welding Table to your shop. The 30×20-inch work surface is made from 14-gauge zinc-plated steel, has four 1-inch-wide slots for clamps, and can be set at one of three angles so you don’t have to be a contortionist when welding oddly shaped parts. The table can hold up to 350 pounds and is foldable for easy storage.
For more info, contact Summit Racing Equipment at (800) 230-3030 or visit
3. Big-Block Ford Brackets
Vintage Air announced the release of six new bracket kits for big-block Ford 351M-400 and 429-460 engines, eliminating the need for hard-to-find brackets. These kits include compressor brackets and OEM, Saginaw, and T.C. (Type II) power steering add-on brackets for 351M-400 and 429-460 big-block Ford engines. Additionally, an Alternator Low Mount Bracket Kit for 429-460 big-block Ford engines is available.

Each add-on kit requires a Vintage Air compressor bracket kit (PNs 137000 or 137020) for mounting. The OEM Power Steering Add-On Kit supports Ford pumps from 1965-1996 and requires pulley D0OR-B or D0AR-A. The Saginaw Power Steering Add-On Kit requires a Dorman 300-122 single-groove pulley due to the larger shaft size or equivalent pulley. A Ford pulley could also be bored out to 0.746 inch to fit the shaft. The Ford T.C. (Type II) Power Steering Add-On Kit works with Vintage Air integral reservoir (PN 851001) or remote reservoir pumps (PN 851002). For Ford T.C. (Type II) Power Steering Add-On Kits, the power steering pulley is designed for a pump with a 0.6647-inch od shaft. Some modification or replumbing of the pressure and return lines may be required to retrofit to some engines. Hardline (PN 852000) is recommended for the pressure side. The Ford Low Mount Alternator Bracket Kit is only available for 429-460 engines.

All Ford bracket kits come with all necessary hardware included. It’s recommended to measure all pulleys to get the proper length V-belt for your application due to the wide range of accessory options and pulley diameters available.

For more info, contact Vintage Air at (800) 862-6658 or visit
Front bumper, subframe connectors, and valve covers
Golden Star Autho's Smoothie Front Bumper for the 1956 Chevrolet
Performance Online Lateral X Subframe Connectors for 1967-1969 Camaro and Firebirds
Summit Racing's LS Classic Valve Covers
4. Smoothie Look
Check out the new one-piece Smoothie Front Bumper (PN BU13-562F) for the 1956 Chevy. This bumper adds a classy look to the front end of your Tri-Five. It bolts to the same location as the original and is chrome plated for a long-lasting finish. Golden Star offers the best in classic muscle car and truck restoration panels and accessories.
For more info, check out Golden Star Classic Auto Parts by visiting
5. The Right Connection
Performance Online Lateral X Subframe Connectors for 1967-1969 Camaro and Firebirds (will not work on convertibles) stiffen the uni-body, reduce chassis flex, and strengthen the chassis. Completely bolt-on with no cutting, welding, or floor modifications required. They follow the floor contour and attach to front subframe and rear spring mounts for easy installation. They are manufactured in the USA from 1.25-inch 0.120 wall DOM tubing.
For more info, check out Performance Online by calling (888) 984-6261 or visit
6. Face-Lift For Your Head(s)
A set of LS Classic Valve Covers is a great place to start your LS engine face-lift. The cast-aluminum covers do not require adapters—they use the OEM rubber gaskets and bolt directly to the cylinder heads for the OE look and are less likely to leak. Lokar Performance Products also fit a ported PCV fitting/vacuum port and an oil splash baffle to one cover. The valve covers come with factory-appearing load spreaders and all required hardware.

Valve covers for big-block Chevy and 348/409 are scaled down to fit the proportions of an LS engine. They’re available in natural, chrome plated, and orange-painted finishes. The big-block covers come with vintage-style “Chevy Tonawanda” decals; the 348/409 covers come with “409 Turbo Fire” decals.

Summit Racing also carries other LS Classic engine dressup, including a 14-inch air cleaner kit, a big-block Tri-Power air cleaner kit, and a faux distributor and ignition wire kit.

For more info, check out Summit Racing Equipment by calling (800) 230-3030 or visit
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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 9 • 2021