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New Products

By Brian Brennan

1. Pro-Fit TKX Five-Speed Systems for the F-Body

American Powertrain offers a Pro-Fit five-speed system for the ’82-92 F-body Gen 3 Camaro/Firebird, featuring the all-new TREMEC TKX five-speed. The TKX Pro-Fit kit fits like an original GM manual transmission with zero tunnel modifications. American Powertrain modifies the TKX shifter location that mimics the factory fitment and shifter location.

The new Pro-Fit five-speed system features the new TREMEC TKX transmission with 600 lb-ft of torque capacity with shifts up to 7,800 rpm. The system comes with a new crossmember that allows the factory torque arm to be reused and can be adjusted. It comes with all the installation parts and a new custom-built driveshaft for easy installation. Pro-Fit kits are covered by American Powertrain’s two-year warranty and comprehensive tech support. Six-speed kits are also available.

For more info, check out American Powertrain by calling (931) 646-4836 or visit

2. Save Those E-Body Doors

Auto Metal Direct’s (AMD) latest release is aimed at the E-body. AMD has completed development and offers the inner door bottom structure for the ’70-74 Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger models; driver side door: PN 515-1570-L, passenger side door: PN 515-1570-R.

The reproduction inner door bottom repair panel is for the ’70-74 Mopar E-body cars (Dodge Challenger, Plymouth Barracuda). Ideal for replacing a damaged or rusted original panel, this piece allows for repair of the inner door bottom without replacing the entire door shell. Pair this with the AMD doorskin and you can save that E-body door that was once considered scrap.

Each piece is stamped from high-quality heavy gauge steel and features the correct shape, size, bends, and curves, like the original. It arrives EDP coated to protect against rust and corrosion prior to installation. Mopar official licensed restoration part.

For more info, check out Auto Metal Direct by calling (877) 575-3586 or visit

3. Mechanical Speedometer Cable Adapter

Bowler Performance Transmissions now offers a mechanical speedometer cable adapter for TREMEC transmissions. They include the T56 Magnum, TKS, TKO, and T5 that use a Ford-based mechanical speedometer drive and require an adapter or a custom speedometer cable to drive a traditional speedometer. This mechanical adapter is the easiest and most economical solution to connect your existing GM 7/8-inch threaded speedometer cable to the transmission.

The one-piece design incorporates a double O-ring seal for the transmission case opening, as well as an internal seal to prevent fluid from leaking through where the cable attaches, which is a common problem with other adapters on the market. The drive spindle is a solid steel Swiss machined part for extra strength and accuracy. This adapter has the option of 16- through 21-tooth driven gears to accommodate for a wide range of gear ratios and tire sizes. Made in America.

For more info, check out Bowler Performance by calling (618) 943-4856 or visit

4. Flare Lapping Tool

Koul Tools offers the new Surseat P51B flare lapping tool, featuring improved usability and additional collets for metric sizes. The new shape and size of the tool make it easier to work in tight spaces and the lock-spring system secures the tube seamlessly in the tool’s cavity.

Another addition to the P51B is the easy-to-use clip mechanism for the interchangeable 37- and 45-degree lap heads. “On our previous model you had to attach the lap heads with setscrews, which was a little annoying and time-consuming. The new clip-on system is quick and fail proof,” founder Dick Raczuk adds.

The Surseat P51B removes irregularities in flared tubing, leaving an ideal sealing surface. A precision 37- or 45-degree lap head coated with diamond dust literally polishes steel, stainless steel, and copper tubing to perfection.

For more info, check out Koul Tools by calling (928) 854-6706 or visit
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