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High Angle Swivel Ball Floor Mount, Early Mustang Cool Air, Under Wraps, Ultimate LS EFI

By Brian Brennan

1. High Angle Swivel Ball Floor Mount

Ididit’s High Angle Swivel Ball Floor Mount was designed for more complex, unusual installs that require steeper angles where the column meets the firewall. Ididit’s new floor mount provides up to 35 degrees of articulation of the column tube, which is 10 degrees more than other designs. Manufactured from billet aluminum, this floor mount offers a sleek, more-refined appearance and is available in a machined or black anodized finish. This floor mount accommodates 2- and 2-1/4-inch columns.

For more info, check out ididit by calling (517) 424-0577 or visit

2. Early Mustang Cool Air
Old Air Products now offers a reproduction center vent (PN 20-0023CV-B) for ’67-68 Ford Mustangs. This center vent features metal diecast construction with chrome finish and black camera case trim. Original-style knobs move louvers to direct the airflow. This is a direct replacement for the original factory A/C center vent. This new reproduction center vent can also be combined with an adapter and factory-style side vents to add a factory appearance to Old Air Products’ Hurricane A/C, Heat & Defrost systems for ’67-68 Mustangs.

For more info, check out Old Air Products by calling (817) 531-2665 or visit

3. Under Wraps

Dress up your LT with a set of custom valve covers that also hide the stock coils. Scott’s Hotrods ‘N Customs’ billet CNC in-house 6061 billet aluminum-machined LT Valve ’N Coil Covers solve that problem perfectly with its new two-piece design.

Scott’s Hotrods designed these covers to work with the stock GM coils. The covers hide all the stock wiring from sight and have ports for the plug’s wire to exit. Available in a raw cut billet, polished, or a black anodized finish, Scott’s can even custom machine these covers with your personal vehicle name or your company logo for an additional charge!

For more info, check out Scott’s Hotrods ’N Customs by calling (865) 951-2081 or visit

4. Ultimate LS EFI

The Ultimate LS 1000 HP EFI System LS1, LS2, LS6, LR4, LM4, LM7, LQ4, and LQ9 cylinder heads are here. It covers 70030 short cathedral intake (PN 70031), short cathedral intake and trans control (PN 70032), long runner cathedral intake (PN 70033), and long runner cathedral intake and trans control. The LS3, L92, L76, L99, LSA, and LS9 cylinder heads (PN 70034), short LS3 Port Intake (PN 70035), short LS3 port intake and trans control (PN 70036), short LS7 port intake (PN 70037), and short LS7 port intake and trans control are in stock.

The Ultimate LS systems just got better with 1,000hp support. Available for LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LR4, LM4, LM7, LQ4, LQ9, L92, L76, L99, LSA, and LS9 heads. The trans control feature supports 4L60, 4L65,4L80, and 4L85 transmissions. The kits come ready for boost with a three-bar MAP sensor and can be run with a single or dual oxygen sensor.

The FiTech Fuel Injection Ultimate EFI kits come with a low-profile design and a 102mm inlet throttle body. They are fabricated with 3mm-thick aluminum sheetmetal and TIG-welded intake manifolds. FiTech’s intake manifolds support 1,500-6,500 rpm powerband up to 1,000 hp at the flywheel. Kits are supplied with a self-learning ECU, touch-screen handheld controller, 80-pound flow-matched injectors, sequential fuel, spark control with individual cylinder trim, and a custom wiring harness.

For more info, check out FiTech by calling (951) 340-2624 or visit

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VOLUME 4 • ISSUE 29 • 2023