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The Effie Factor
By Rob Fortier

ord versus Chevy. It’s not an “Us vs. Them” thing, rather, it’s just a thing. But despite being on the latter side, preferentially speaking, my role at the helm of a publication that caters equally to both sides requires me being impartial, which, to be honest, I am, despite my Bowtie favoritism.

Nonetheless, when it comes to subject matter covered in Modern Rodding’s sister publication, Classic Truck Performance, no matter where I stand, the scales always seem to tip heavily toward the GM crowd. It’s no secret that 1967-1972 C10s are hotter than ever—and due to the extreme popularity, the earlier C10s are on the rise … and Squarebodies, well, they’re nearly untouchable now. (It doesn’t seem all that long ago that 1973-1987 C10s were not only plentiful, but very affordable … then again, it was close to 20 years ago that I “went against the grain” and built my sorely missed 1975 Cheyenne “Goldie” in Classic Trucks magazine. Not long after, that grain was a mainstay of the classic truck hobby, and it doesn’t look like the Squarebody scene is showing any signs of slowing down!)

So, admittedly, there is a bias, however, it’s not and never has been an intentional one—not by a long shot. I not only welcome but eagerly search out the best Ford content I can find for CTP, from the latest applicable tech to the greatest features. This month’s issue (Feb. ’21) shows just how hot the Bumpside Ford scene is with “El Diablo,” Fred Bishop’s beyond-amazing 1971 Ford F-100. Ironically, we spotted this FoMoCo gem at, of all places, Dino’s “Chevy Only” Git Down in Glendale, Arizona, this past November! (Dino’s had graciously relegated a corner of the parking lot to non-GM trucks, and Fred just happened to attend—luckily for us!)

I’m still “eagerly” searching out the best to fulfill the other part of that equation (tech), and while this particular issue is obviously lacking, we have lined up some pretty basic—and not-so basic—Bumpside content with our recently acquired 1967 F-100 Ranger, so stay tuned for more on that as we make our way through 2021. We’ve also got a ready-and-willing F-1 laying out in the shadows just waiting to get put back on the road!

Back to the issue at hand—the February issue, that is—we have a great article on blower basics with our friends at Speedway Motors, where we obtained a complete Edelbrock E-Force 122 supercharger kit, E-210 aluminum cylinder heads, and Scat Performance blower-appropriate reciprocating assembly for a small-block Chevy engine build. We’ve also got a neat little piece showcasing Vintage Air’s EZ-Clip A/C hose clamping system for the DIY crowd, and Chuck Vranas takes us behind-the-shop scenes at Cerce Customs. All in all, it’s another issue of Classic Truck Performance you don’t want to miss!

Modern Rodding
VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 2 • 2021