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By Brian Brennan

red gear icon Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop and Lakeside Rods & Rides Named Goodguys and Chevrolet Performance Builders of the Year

passenger profile view of a black classic muscle car parked in front of a garage

Goodguys Rod & Custom Association along with Chevrolet Performance have announced the winners of their first-ever Chevrolet Performance Builder of the Year awards. The two builders who have taken home this first-ever award should prove to be names all hot rodders are familiar with, Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop and Roger Burman of Lakeside Rods & Rides. Both of these builders and their respective shops have proven over time that they can continually build beautifully designed and well-made hot rods.

In this first-ever award the intent was to recognize GM-powered vehicles and their builders, with the GM Iron award going to a GM-powered GM vehicle and the GM Retro Iron honor going to a non-GM vehicle with GM power. Finalists for the awards were selected at 14 Goodguys events this season, with the winners determined by a selection committee in October.

The GM Iron Builder of the Year honor went to Alloway for the ’70 Chevelle he built for customer Jerry Rice. The GM Retro Iron Builder of the Year went to Roger Burman for the LS-powered ’35 Ford coupe built for customer Dave Gonzales by Burman’s shop Lakeside Rods & Rides.

The GM Iron and Retro Iron awards are distinctive in that they recognize not just the vehicles but also highlight the builders, acknowledging their roles as trendsetters, promoters, and leaders in the hot rod community. For winning the GM Iron award, Goodguys and Chevrolet Performance will award Alloway with a Chevrolet Performance LT5 Connect & Cruise crate powertrain system. Burman will receive a Chevrolet Performance LS3 Connect & Cruise powertrain system for winning the GM Retro Iron title. By the time you read this both hot rods will have been showcased during November at the Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals presented by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona.

close view of a shiny Chevrolet engine with a sky blue paint job
poweder blue classic car front interior, with a view of the steering wheel and dashboard gauges
two door champagne brown coup
two door coup interior lined with orange brown leather
close view of car body
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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 15 • 2021