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red gear icon Art Morrison Enterprises
No stranger to our hobby is this company celebrating its 50th anniversary: Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) in Fife, Washington. What started out as a race shop under the direction of Art Morrison has grown into a noted chassis and suspension components manufacturer now under the direction of Art and his son Craig. (Although we are guessing the days of Art driving an exhibition wheel stander are long gone.)

Known for their very popular GT Sport line of “bolt-on” chassis, this line has expanded to a dozen popular series of cars and trucks. They allow the builder to essentially unbolt the vehicle body from the stock frame and slide in a sophisticated new chassis that provides improved ride, handling, and stance. With an eye to the do-it-yourself homebuilder, AME’s catalog contains numerous chassis and suspension components and essential tools.

AME also offers a dozen front and rear suspension options with a lineup of 2×4 and 2×3 subframes that are CAD-engineered for any application. Highlighting them is AME’s exclusive Multi-Link IRS that comes with a choice of two centersections and three cradle options. And given the company’s long history, AME has hundreds of vehicles in its massive database to expedite subframe projects. Happy 50th!

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Volkswagen truck popping a wheely
old photo of Art Morrison Enterprises assembly line
Volkswagen truck popping a wheely
high view of Hot Rods & Hobbies (HR&H) garage
red gear icon Hot Rods & Hobbies
Hot Rods & Hobbies (HR&H), located in Signal Hill, California, operates out of a 13,000-square-foot building that houses a metalwork and fabrication shop, body and paint shop, and final assembly. Scott Bonowski and his crew at HR&H recently added a 4,000-square-foot building dedicated to final assembly.

HR&H also offers one-stop shopping for topflight paint, concours restoration, body and chassis fabrication, as well as turnkey cars of all makes and styles. HR&H is well known for their amazing award-winning paintwork, illustrating just how detailed their underlying bodywork and paint prep is. Remember the 2018 Grand National Roadster Show and the AMBR-winning 1931 Ford roadster—stunning body- and paintwork from the shop of HR&H.

On a recent visit while gathering tech for the pages of Modern Rodding we noticed a 1946 Ford woodie that was undergoing a great deal of sheetmetal work. Lo and behold it was in the process of undergoing a sectioning.

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 classic wagon body frame in garage
close view of front car part restoration
 classic wagon body frame in garage
front view of car without paint
wide view of Precision Hot Rods & Fabrication garage
Dan Tesar working on and early Ford chassis
classic muscle car in the garage
Dan Tesar working on and early Ford chassis
red gear icon Precision Hot Rods & Fabrication
At any given time you will find a number of various hot rods under construction at Precision Hot Rods & Fabrication in Macedonia, Ohio. Whether it be early hot rods or Camaros or street cruisers, the shop is always humming.

Head fabricator Dan Tesar (working on an early Ford chassis with an IRS) has perfected his chassis-building craft over the past 25-plus years. The body and paint department features Mark Mindzora (working on the early Ford pickup cab) who has painted a number of Detroit Autorama Great 8 finalists competing for the coveted Ridler Award. Odds are, however, your first meeting when you pass through the doors will be an introduction to Larry Brunkala who handles the “front door” and counter.

Their builds have won numerous awards at many a premier indoor or outdoor car show as well as having graced the covers and inside pages of virtually all of the automotive enthusiast magazines.

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mechanic smiles at the camera while working
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