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a classic-styled temperature gauge
Monitoring Your Transmission’s Cool

Bowler Performance Transmissions has partnered with Classic Instruments to bring you a classic-styled temperature gauge. This new temp gauge fits a 2-inch opening and is 2-1/2 inches deep. It includes the temp sensor, wiring, hardware, and is available in a black or white face.

Bowler also offers a simple LED indicator (Transmission Guardian) that can serve as your guide to keeping tabs on transmission temps through a series of color changes in the LED, whether or not you’re in the safe zone. 

If this isn’t exactly what you want, Classic Instruments can outfit you with any color or style of temperature gauge you can dream up.

For more info, check out Bowler Performance Transmissions by calling (618) 943-4856 or visit

adjustable billet coilover shock throttle return spring kit
Coilover Shock Throttle Return Spring!

Hot Rod Innovations has come up with a very cool-looking and easily functioning adjustable billet coilover shock throttle return spring kit. You say, what?

The shock throttle return spring allows the user to adjust the tension of the throttle return spring without having to change the spring itself; simply spin the adjuster ring to add or subtract the preload. From a safety stand point, because we are using the spring in compression and have it captured on the shock, even if the spring were to break it can’t go anywhere and will still close the throttle. All bracketry is 6061 billet and is available in clear or black anodize and takes care of both the throttle cable and kickdown cable where applicable. The shocks are available in a number of different colors.

For more info, check out Hot Rod Innovations by calling (916) 206-6809 or visit

Straight and Tru Trac Serpentine Drive System
Billet Specialties’ LT1 Tru Trac

Billet Specialties’ LT1 Tru Trac is engineered for ease of installation, great looks, and a reliable engine accessory drive. They’ve been dyno testing to ensure perfect alignment, proper accessory rpm, and optimal performance of all components.

Components include a Powermaster 170-amp one-wire alternator, Edelbrock water pump, Genuine Sanden SD7 AC compressor, Tuff Stuff power steering pump, ARP fasteners, Continental Poly-V serpentine belt, hard coat anodizing for durability in high belt wear areas, precision-machined black anodized pulleys, brackets, and covers; compressor manifold included, power steering hardline included, pre-installed power steering, and alternator pulleys for ease of installation.

For more info, check out Billet Specialties by calling (877) 240-4187 or visit

Flat-Out Handling From Flat Out Engineering
IFS and IRS kits for front and rear independent suspensions

Flat Out Engineering manufactures IFS and IRS kits to allow you to install available C4 (1984-1987 or 1988-1996) Corvette front and rear independent suspensions in most early Ford or Chevy street rods. Kits are also available for many other makes and models.

All kits are 100 percent American made and designed to be easy to install by the average DIY homebuilder. C4 Corvette suspension provides unmatched suspension capabilities, and this is not a Mustang II copy. Corvette power rack-and-pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes provide exceptional handling and safety at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

For more info, check out Flat Out Engineering by visiting or email at

No Loose Ends
proper tools to complete your wiring job
electrical wiring system kit

PerTronix has added to their complement of ignition products with high-quality electrical connectors, heat shrink kits, and the proper tools to complete your wiring job.

Do not overlook your electrical wiring system. Wiring can be a daunting task and PerTronix is offering all the necessary wiring accessories and tools to help eliminate the headaches associated with wiring any hot rod.

For more info, check out PerTronix by visiting

Mopar Two-Piece Vented Steel Wheel
Mopar Two-Piece From Wheelsmith

The Wheelsmith, known for their made-to-order traditional and modern wheels, is now offering the Mopar Two-Piece Vented Steel Wheel.

This design features the guide holes found in early Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler wheels using lug bolts. The wheels fit original hubcaps with a 9.75-inch inside diameter. The wheels fit a 5×4.5 bolt pattern and come in 15-inch diameter with 6-, 7-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch widths. Custom backspacing is available. All Wheelsmith wheels are made to order in the United States. For an extra-deep look on the wider applications Wheelsmith can mount the centers in reverse position. The centers feature four “venting slots” to help keep the brakes cool. The wheels come in bare steel, chrome, or powdercoated to your color specifications.

For more info, check out The Wheelsmith by calling (800) 854-8937 or visit

Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders
Compact and Tandem Braking
Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders

Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders provide a stylish, high-performance solution for pressure actuation and fluid control on both manual and power-boosted applications, especially when space is limited. The lightweight, high-pressure, die-cast aluminum body measures 6.55 inches overall length from the mounting flange with an overall height of 3.03 inch from the piston bore centerline to the top.

Units are available in two finish options and four bore sizes (7/8, 15/16, 1, and 1-1/8 inch), with a full 1.12-inch stroke capacity to match the volume output of the larger body master cylinders. Each master cylinder is sold separately or in a kit that includes an adjustable proportioning valve block assembly.

For more info, check out Wilwood Engineering by calling (805) 388-1188 or visit

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