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Brights On, Brights Off and it All Works and Looks Perfect
By Brian BrennanPhotography By Brian Woodwick

ur hot rods are full of pretty cool stuff. Some of it is complex and some of it is simple. Here’s a quick look at a downright simple “touch” that virtually every hot rod has, or should have. It’s most frequently foot operated and it’s the headlight dimmer switch with accompanying carpet trim ring. What’s particularly cool about this product is the combination of dimmer switch and the dimmer switch bezel from NotcHead that gives your car’s interior a neatly finished look while maintaining full functionality of the switch. Switch and bezel can be ordered separately if so desired. NotcHead is a line of cool hardware offered by longtime hot rodder (and sometimes rock ’n’ roll bassist) Tim Divers of Divers Street Rods (DSR) in Sultan, Washington.

You go to the trouble of detailing your street rod and in no small way paying for nice carpeting. Yet there’s always something, such as the floor shifter, emergency brake handle, possibly the brake and clutch pedal, the throttle, dimmer switch, and bezel, that in some form and fashion pokes through the carpeting. The dimmer/bezel is typically tucked away in the upper lefthand corner of the floorboard or toeboard of one’s hot rod. Many times I have seen this accessory just poking through the carpeting. A hole is cut, sliced, or once in a while punched so the dimmer switch can work its way into the daylight.

NotcHead has come up with a nifty way to not only have the functioning dimmer switch but to also have it neatly placed so that it looks as if it was (and it is) part of the original design and plan of the now perfectly executed interior. The NotcHead headlight dimmer switch and bezel comes in three finishes: machined, polished, and black anodized. The beauty of the system is how simple it is to install and the perfectly trimmed results it yields. The metal bezels give the floor dimmer switch better-looking surroundings than no trim ring at all or a less-impressive plastic ring. As for tools, an external snap-ring plier is about the extent of the tool list and because of the bezel’s adjustability it will work on almost any carpet thickness. Should you find yourself with a dimmer switch already in position you can purchase just the bezel and “clean up” your interior appearance.

Well, there you have it. It’s nothing exotic but, then again, the simple projects are fun, too.

NotcHead dimmer switch and bezel kit
1. Here is the NotcHead dimmer switch and bezel kit in all three offerings.
Dimmer switch slipped
2. Dimmer switch slipped through the bezel kit.
switch, bezel, metal ring (washer), and external snap ring
3. Here is a dimmer switch and bezel kit broken down; switch, bezel, metal ring (washer), and external snap ring.
three bezels in black anodize, polished, and machined finished, with washer and snap ring
4. The three bezels come in black anodize, polished, and machined finished, all with washer and snap ring.
making a mark
5. To begin your project you will want to have the exact spot where the dimmer switch will poke through the carpeting marked so that you can prepare to punch a hole.
hole neatly punched
6. With the hole neatly punched you are now ready to install the bezel.
Looking at the carpeting from the “topside”
7. Looking at the carpeting from the “topside,” you can see a nicely cut hole and the bezel is ready to be dropped into position.
Polished bezel pressed into position
8. Remember the bezels come in three finishes and this one is the polished example and it’s pressed into position.
bezel installation
9. You can see that the bezel has a threaded surface and the metal washer (note arrow) goes on the back side of the carpeting.
Bezel and metal washer
10. Bezel and metal washer in position.
Using external snap ring pliers
11. Using external snap ring pliers to position the snap ring will now hold all hardware in position.
The bezel, metal washer, and the snap ring installed
12. There you go. The bezel, metal washer, and the snap ring are all in their final resting position.
top view
13. Top view, once the bezel is in position and finished and ready to go.
Anodized trim ring close up
Anodized trim ring
Polished trim ring close up
Polished trim ring
14-17. Close-up of anodized and polished trim rings in position on cut-pile carpeting followed by the matching dimmer switch.

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VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 3 • 2021